Nowadays, Allergy is the very common and wide spread name to everybody.

Allergic is one of the most common skin diseases that everyone has experience from the early age.  There is no need time for causing allergic, it may be in child or adult. Basically it is a hypersensitivity disorder of the immune system of the person body. It causes the reaction of the immune system that is very harmless to body. It causes irritation of the nose, itching, sneezing and redness of the eyes.  It increases the production of the shortness of breath, coughing, mucus in the lungs and wheezing.  Allergic is the discharging of the different substances, which is known by Allergens. The substances cause allergic reaction, such as dust, certain foods, medicines, plant pollen, genetic basis etc. It may cause in different seasons. Allergic is very normal to person but its area is so much long. And when it is found then it irritates us severely also creates new diseases. Though it is not for long time but its experience is so much in whole life of person.

The causes of Allergic:

Allergic does not have specific causes but it can be placed in 2 categories, one is host and another is environmental factors. Heredity, gender, race and age are including in host.  More than 17 million of people go to doctor only for it. Scientists have found bacteria and viruses in it. Scientists also found that Genes are responsible for it. The most significant cause of allergic is a variety food. 90% of persons are troubling it for foods.  Cow’s milk, soy, eggs, wheat, fish, peanuts, tree nuts and shellfish are responsible to cause allergic. There is also having others causes factors these are dust, pollen, pat dander, mold spore, insect, toxins interacting with person etc.  Climate changes are also responsible for it. Research show that allergic can cause others infectious diseases.

The remedies of Allergic:

Most of the people use different medicine to save from the irritation of Allergic. Almost people use Alcet 5mg tablet (Levocetirizine) to control it. Recent research shows that levocetirizine can reduce 70% attack in children. A patient should take tea, spicy food, natural honey, vapor of eucalyptus oil, herbs and supplements etc. for natural way to reduce. Some of the medical tests are needed for betterment.  An allergist is the best to treat and diagnose you properly. Skin testing, blood testing, and patch testing are very needed to diagnose. People should take care of themselves and keep away from affected areas. They may also take others tablet like Alatrol 10mg, Salbutamol for oral suspension.  A patient should consult with great experienced allergists. An allergist can help you to control it. If all natural attempts fail to resist then consult with a doctor. It is highly alarming that it can be life threatened. And it is very dangerous sign for severe disease: Asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis or other immune system disorders.  Do not need to worry, it is curable disease with a great efforts.